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Motivational speech in geeta given by krishna

In the World A person must declare some kind of dependency. Like If he could not run very fast,he could not take any rights. If one keeps on keeping easy, then one doesnot remember the grown up characters. Do you know someone who enjoys everything? And we have a weakness of life. Live as the center of life. Storm in Sarangarh leads to discontent, human to human weakness.

He would have maintained his dignity. Would havebeen like this also. Those who would have defeated the frail, satisfied with their efforts, whatis the differencebetween you and the other people you have ever considered,in fact, a person who is not defeated by the publicwho has the courage to talk. The detail goes beyond telling.Dignity buildsthe mind of man. Give idea The future has another name. Desire is there and if itis not fulfilled then it makes plans. In the future, there will be an impression, but life continuesLife is neither in the future nor in the day named Chanka. Children will experience life!Knowing this,we do not understand so strong, either we keep forgetting the memory of the past, or do we plan forthe time to come and? Life passes. We cannot see the future nor can we create the future. We only embrace the subject with. Every moment of life. Will life not be full? Think for yourself. Knowledge always comes from surrender. Everyone knows this. What is the real importance of dedication? Have we ever considered? Human mind always creates various obstacles in the attainment of knowledge. Do you ever get desired from another student? Knows the message on the lessons learnedand the Gan ever given fills the mind with ego. No doesn't it happen? How-to idea Your mind is reprimanded. And due to some worthy situations, we arenot able to acquire knowledge. Monkey-worthy status is created only by surrender. Surrender Destroy man's ego.It removes allfeelings.

Calms and concentrates the mind. In fact, God's creation is my limit ofknowledge, nor knowledge! Let the cow and Shanti also get knowledge. Of Brahman knowledge. Or the knowledge that comes from the knowledge of life? For caste. Our dedication to Is this not true? Such a moment definitely comes in human life. The alarm extinguishes all hope. The call is arbuda and on the other side. Satanking! Lafanga duct. And renounced religion. Sometimes opposition to a House gets an opportunity to speak the truth, sometimes at the time of poor poverty. The path to theft is cleared. Ever a powerful politician? What about the king's employee? Such an event would continue to happen in everyone's life. Most people do not know such a religious crisis. Howmany types of systems do we experience? Move from sorrow to devotion. Backward caste Actually. Herbal Doctor! Would have felt like going to a rag if wear re a story full of struggles. On the festival. God interview! If a leaf that fought Mohan fell from a tree. You are also a man and a man! Love was about to break up,he is the Religion if we avoid crisis. Life would have been. Does not happen. Is it from God? Does not happen. When it comes out, try to create boundaries and dignity for each other. If you consider our relationship, we will see. The basis of all relationships. Build for others and if someone leaves another person. Our heart is filled with disease. What is the actual form of boundaries? Have we ever considered? We are not allowed to do another person through the village. Right to freedom. If the right to freedom is done then its heart. Breaks the boundary. So play each of our forms. If respect for each other's freedom, thereis no need for any dignity or boundaries,just asthe relationship gives or freedom is not the soul of any relation. Find Me for, It is such a matter that it isa matter of telling the truth. Do not get the truth from themouth. Why would any brother take his mind? Talk about such an incident. If someone makes a mistake with us,he said something about it. Is it true? Hindus sometimes find this fact tooheavy. It Comes to mind of another's feelings. Who will also stop the words. Have we ever considered? Does someone speak facts? Feeds with eyes. Nothing but another name. There is no time tobe a brother. Asma's nature. Doctor Patient does not have the effect of telling the truth. Think about it. Pennant is a pennant which means gaining moreknowledge from others. So much knowledge has been received thathow much knowledge is gained from other people? That is, the desire for superiority also makesthe attainment of knowledge a competition and when is the reason in the competition final? Chest can be made for this time. No one is left forever and contentment leads to pain andstruggle. If instead of reading! What if you try to be perfect? Uttam means to get as much as is achievable. Getting something for the peace of the soul, not with the desire to attain. There is no competitionfrom anyone else on the path to Uttam. What shall we do ourselves? Krishna: gives allknowledge to anyone who tries to become. You become. He tries to be the best. Let's imagine the future based on language. We plan today to remove the cause of suffering. Does resolving a crisis yield a gain or aloss? Crisis and its prevention. You will be able to know immediately thatwhen the crisis comes, the power to solve it so soon! Strength information. I too have grown up when a daughter comesout of trouble. It is more full of confidence. Actually, To change oneself? Option to elevate your thoughts. To make your soul strong. Couldnot do Sometimes an event would break all the plans of human life.


And man is the center of his life. What future? Name identify.In this way, the first person who plans to climb on the top of a mountain by sitting in the bottom of the mountain, does that plan bring him to the top of ? As it rises, so do its new challenges andnew challenges. Many Old plans Could not make the mountain worthy. To make yourself worthy. what? Same with life. The same that human beings do not become one of the challenges in life. Is at peace In return for making life worthy of him! Make your life worthy. Broken!? Every year of life. The Present has to make a decision regarding the second child in the presidency. I have left my influence. Today's decisions definitely create happiness and sorrow, not only for themselves. When something comes up for generations to come for his family, something happens. The weight of taking it becomes war and mind becomes war land! Let's go. Take to calm themind. But can someone eat a break? Battling war will enable the mind to makeworthy decisions. Actually.When someone makes a decision with a calm mind, he creates a happy future for himself. Chinta! To calm his mind when no one else does, he will plant a tree full of thorns for himself in the future. Think for yourself. For the crises in life that man does not consider himself worthy. When you don't believe in your own strength? In the life of a human being, the public is busy till the birth anniversary when inside it. Self-confidence! Holds the goodness of confidence. Do you believe? It is believed that the struggle of life makes. Do not believe in yourself. Instead of going to the conflict, there are ways to get out of the conflict. This makes it more powerful than conflict. It costs with struggle. Nothing more confident. view of life only. Man's view of life is within his control. Think for yourself. Wish the happiness of their children their future!

The reason is always try to determine the future medium of their children. Kankar Patthar has seen the train,his son has to go to the shadow market of his mother. Does not last. But to consider these questions. We would have forgotten which one? Don't each route change over time? Don't you always bring new challenges? So, how can the experience of giving gram benefit the new generation? Symbol children are the image of their parents. relief gives parents to the children, but, God would have given the leader the ability. Son's is a success. Believe that his children will also get success and happiness on the same path. Third question. Life's struggles and challenges are not beneficial. What was seen Question 1 No Answer does not pen. Keeping children away from new questions,conflicts and challenges. It will be said to profit or harm for them,instead of creating the future of the child, to build his character. Instead of deciding the way of life of children. Morale to engage with conflicts. Giving knowledge will not be more profitable.

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