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How to Start Garlic Buisness ? Check garlic price

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A small investment and your thinking can change your life

Start your own buisness in garlic wholesale market.

As every buisness needs some information of the area where you are going to start a buisness so i am going to tell you which type of information you need before starting garlic as a buisness

1. You should now which size / variety of garlic is popular in your area or which type of crop is mainly sell in your APMC(mandi) market.


2. Then visit that APMC market 2-4 days continuously .

3. Take part in auction at your APMC market and see what is the price range of the garlic in the morniandng  in evening garlic market

4. As in APMC market there is not only garlic so you can also see more crops there you can also see there auction and prices in morning and evening and see the differences in price

5. Then analyse the price and according to that you can check which time is best to buy the garlic or other crop for you and then sell the product other day or same day in evening

(Note:- for purchasing garlic you need licence in your APMC/Mandi. If you don't had licence then you can Collab with other buisness firm in your market and give them 1.5% commision on your purchasing of garlic and you can purchase product in there firm name )

6. Then you can be in loss/profit also in starting but it is just starting so don't take your leg back and try to analyse your market more if you were in loss and i am sure that you understand the garlic buisness better.

So now you had understand your market better so now you can take one step more and start your buisness in large way

How to import garlic and sell it in your area and get high rates of profit ?

So now if you had understood garlic market and want to take it on next level then you can buy garlic from other state which has low garlic price and sell it on your market

Garlic price is low in ( Mandsaur , Neemuch , indore) in Madhya pradesh so you can take garlic from this cities

If you want garlic from Mandsaur then you can contact us or talk to us and take garlic from us for garlic enquiry

visit us on :- website

You can also check updated garlic price of Mandsaur daily on pahal traders website or app that is available on play store

Now if you had purchase garlic then you can store that garlic and sell it on market when the price is high

Comment down if you have any query

And if you want to know the rates and taxes them you can check it on :-

Start garlic wholesale business & check Garlic price daily
Starting buisnes is an step to became millionaire


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