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Dry garlic is available now

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Dry garlic is available now

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Garlic Wholesaler & Supplier

Your Premium Supplier variety of garlic

We guarantee consistency and quality with all of our orders .

Our garlic is Graded and Sorted by Machines.

We focus on customer satisfaction by customizing order

We pride on ourselves as the market leader in garlic market Mandsaur

Best quality and least garlic price every time when you order with us

Daily updated garlic price of Mandsaur

Date last Garlic price updated


Minimum quantity to order garlic is 3000 Kg , Check payment process once before reaching to us

We Update garlic price daily after 12:30 P.M

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A Grade Garlic


Pahal traders is initiated in the year 1999 in the leadership of Santosh goyal. pahal trader continues to grow from starting and now we are online to serve you. pahal traders had provided its quality of garlic in 12+ states and many more states in coming time with you. we are famous in the garlic industry for constant quality and least garlic price than market. 



We prepare our quality garlic in 3 steps as follows

1. We purchase garlic from APMC then we put that garlic in grading and sorted machine

2. On machine labor will seat and they separate waste and saprogenic garlic

3. Now we pack garlic in customizable packing and then our team will check garlic and then it is ready to dispatch 


Pahal traders had experience & Knowledge of 22 years in the garlic wholesaler & Supplier market. We know the quality that you are looking for and that is best for your city. Santosh goyal owner of pahal traders has visited maximum cities where the garlic market is known for selling and we had worked with many companies also so we can provide you best

Why us?

Why us? It is the first question that everybody asks with themselves before contacting us and I had a great answer for that because we work on that answer

Pahal trader’s garlic is the prime manufacturer and supplier of garlic and our product will always be processed in hygienic condition. Pahal trader’s owner was the (Vice-president & MLA representative) in Mandsaur mandi so we never want to defame our name so we will always give you the best quality garlic. The best thing about us is that we had more than 22 years of experience in the garlic field so we had a great understanding of the market which is beneficial for our customers. We believe in creating a strong relationship between our customers through our transparent and ethical business practice. We will always be happy if you visit Mandsaur and contact with us because we know that if you visit us so that you are going to behave a smile on face when you leave us because we believed that costumer is like a god and we treat them like that.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always been the top priority. To assure customer satisfaction we will try our best to deliver the product on time. We will customize the product packaging according to customer needs. We always deliver you the best quality garlic because we don't want to deal with you only once we want you to become our regular customer and for that, we assure you the superior quality of garlic every time you give order to us.

Some service that we give to assure customer satisfaction is


 • Contract Farming

 • Cleaning

 • Grading

 • Sorting

 • Customize Packing

 • Warehousing

 • Logistic

 • Your brand name on the product

Pahal trader is the leading name in the field of garlic import/export. Because we believe and focus on the quality of garlic and trust between costumers and for trust, we need to be in contact so for getting in contact we had our app on play store which is "pahal traders" there we update garlic price daily so you can see the ups and down in garlic price in Mandsaur ( Madhya Pradesh ).


Pahal trader is the only company that helps traders to how to start their own garlic wholesaler & Supplier business in their own city. Because we believe that  “if you grow then we grow” which clearly states that pahal traders will always want & help you to grow.

Pahal traders had an experience of 22 years in the leadership of Santosh goyal. Pahal traders own quality certification and have various achievements and awards in the name of Santosh goyal and currently is vice president and MLA representative in Mandsaur garlic mandi.


Our garlic owns a quality certificate for every type of industrial use like medicinal, food industrial, garlic paste, and other garlic use. We can customize the packaging of garlic according to customer satisfaction and that makes us unique.



For any other query related to garlic, you can fill the inquiry form or you can text us on whatsapp on 

 Quality assurance

Pahal traders always focus on the quality of garlic at the least garlic price so that you and we can get higher returns in long-term business.

The first step for quality garlic:-

So for quality assurance, we will first take your garlic on sorting and graded machine which will sort the garlic by sizes and remove the waste leaf of garlic.

The second step for quality of garlic:-


 We will make our labor to seat on the sorting machine and remove that garlic that was

waste or was saprogenic.

The third step for quality of garlic:-

Now we will pack your garlic on the packaging you won't like (50kg, 30kg, 25 kg,) or box packing, net bag, jute bag of garlic packaging according to your need. We undertake various quality measures under the guidance of expert quality analysts and with a great experienced team. That is the process we proceed with so that you can get the best quality garlic product at wholesale price.

for any other issue call us we are always there for you or send us chat message

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