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Limit less memories with mother , you should listen the rhymes once you got emotional i am sure


Najaane kuo bolti hu

Naajane kuo chilla hi deti hu

Naajane kuo suna dete hu

Naajane kuo hurt krrhi dete hu


Naajane kse vo sun lete hae

Naajanne kse vo smjjha bi dete hae

Naajane kse ko chup rhejaate hae

Naajane vo kse shee bi jaate hae

Naajane kb tk hum tumhe ase hi tung kre gae

Pr aae maa na jaana hume kbi ase chod ke

Pr aae maa kse khe tum se jo tum chod gye to

Too naajane kse sheske gae hum

Too naajane kse rhe skegae hum

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