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Pearl {ek kali lasun}

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

pearl is an garlic which is beneficial for our health and increase life line of an person

it is an special type of garlic which comes in the marker when the new season of growng garlic comes. it comes with many types of medical issue but later on it is used as an medical requirement in making medicines . it is the best variety of garlic which a person should eat daily and it will decrease the health related issue like blood pressure , heart patient and it will also increase your lifeline of living and if you required this than contact us on we are the great suppliers of every variety of garlic . and this is the one of the best garlic.

How to make it useful at home?

Just take the one leaf and roast it on fry pan than just use blacksalt and mirchi on it . Now it is ready to eat and tastier and healthier both..

pearl is an image of garlic which is bestf or our health and increase lifeline of health
pearl for health

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