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Problems in starting your own company

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

First try to share your ideas with peoples whom you know thengo for an small survey in your city then talk to specialist in this field and then think to start it. And you should know the pro's and con's of your buissness and when you are going to survey mark the question that they ask and try to answer each question they ask or alternative of there problem so they agree with you . And don't forget that when you are getting this idea someone else can also have this idea but as we know that only 1 in 60 can research on it and in 120 in 1 can launch the project and they succed so try to explore your idea more and more to increase the chance of succed and try to had an capital of 1 year on your project because 90% people fail there project in 1 year of launch so don't do this mistake .

And make a small ppt of your project to explain the people more about it and don't care about those people who don't make you understand the problem in this and they tell your idea takes time to launch because there thinking is old so they do not agree with you .

"Listen the problems in your idea don't mark your idea bad."

There is always an answer of an question they ask but answer has not its answer . So forgot about that people .

And don't be so excited about your project because when you want to achive big you had to be patience and it makes you successfull and you can share your idea because they don't going to have deeply knowledge about your project so they can't make it copy . And if you need any help regarding your idea implantation and knowledge you can contact me on and we support you also in every way we can.

Thank you

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