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Each and every thing about JEE

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Jee a entrance exam which is conducted for get admission in IIT AND NIT and they all are the government education institutes which is developed for make India digital and this institutes take] students which are eager to study and have logical thinking skills . This exam can't be qualified only with the bookish knowledge,in this you should be interested and you have high thinking skills then only you can qualify this exam but don't forget that there is going to be so much competition in this and approx 9 lakh student give jee mains and only 2 lakh students qualify in it and can get admission in NIT'S but then this this 2 lakh students give JEE advance and in which only 5000 students got selected for IIT'S and it is not so tough because if you listen carefully the instruction given by couching then it can increase you chance for getting selection in IIT's . That is all about an iit


there are so many problems you are going to face in this 2 years of preparation but the only thing you should know that they are going to solve and you should not focus on the marks that you are getting you should focus only on the knowledge you are getting from it and Don;t focus on what parents tell you about the marks because that are not going to matter in life the thing matter is the knowledge. and dont try to solve so many books just solve the material given by the couching institutes because that is best and only if you solve all the practice sheets and jee mains corner then only you should shift to other books . and try to eat only healthy foods and make the short quick notes of each and every subject because in the last month you are not going to read full books but you are going to read that quick notes AND NEVER THINK to enjoy with frient and go on holiday because that is going make you back with other students . and if you face any further problem you can contact me on i can help you.

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