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Each and every thing about organic farming --Technology used in organic farming

The use of chemical pesticide and herbicide continues to increase worldwide in agriculture. Because of these phenomenon soil and water pollution is getting worse day by day. Surprisingly, chemical pesticide residues are now found inside the human body. It is even found in our favorite beers.

These heavy use of chemical pesticide is now becoming serious social issue. Some research shown that the residue is possibly the cause of human depression. Human health is getting worse and the rise of the farming cost is unstoppable. Because of these phenomena, there is increasing number of farmer bankruptcy and suicide worldwide.

Farmers suicide is not only a problem in India anymore. It became serious social problem even in developed country like UK and USA. Moreover recently Garden magazine published an article on the US farmer suicide. Why is this accelerating? To see the root cause of this phenomenon, we have to see who controls modern agricultural technology, a few large corporation have full control of agriculture technology. Yes that's right. Most of modern agriculture technology depends on few large corporations that we all know.

Agricultural machinery companies create technologies that need more equipment for farming and chemical fertilizer companies are spreading technology that need more chemical fertilizers. It is similar the chemical pesticide companies offer technology that uses more chemical pesticides. Ladies and gentlemen, We must look at the current situation in very calm manner. Modern agriculture technology is not a technology for human health and farmers. This technology exists for the benefits of the corporation. Unfortunately, Now farmers have lost control of agricultural technology. Farmers became consumer who relies on purchasing everything needed for farming. Current agriculture is becoming more expensive. Modern farming makes farmers to farm with more machines more pesticide and chemical fertilizers.

Eventually farmers go bankrupt and commit suicide. Furthermore these commercial agricultural companies are seriously destroying the nature. To solve this issue, both health and cost of farming. I came up with technology which I have developed for more than a decade. Before introducing technology, let me introduce you the great revolutionary Karl Marx, whom I admire the most and inspired me to develop technology like this. He had already prophesied about this phenomenon 200 years ago. He quote, "when commercial capital takes dominant position there's no doubt the looting system works everywhere" He explained that serious damage will occur, when commercial monopoly capital dominates this society. Now almost all areas of the world are in the hands of few commercial monopolies capitals. And agriculture sector is not an exception as well. Sadly we are used to acknowledging this fact without resistance. We must be independent from monopoly capital that controls the agriculture technology. To do this, we have to create a new path for true farming. The farmer must take their initiative in agriculture technology. It requires fundamental and revolutionary change in the agriculture sector. And I know how reckless the challenge is to take the initiative of technology that large corporation had. So I planned a bloodless revolution that can be worn without fighting to succeed in this reckless challenge. To create a technology like this, there is one more person who inspired me. The great Chinese philosopher Laozi. 2500 years ago, He quote,

" the highest virtue is like water"

The water does not quarrel each other, but flows down creating a large river and connects into sea. I interpreted this as like the best agriculture technology is like water.

The realization of simple and easy organic farming techniques such as water. It has always been my goal in life. When technology changes like water it easily penetrates everywhere. Only then I believe that organic farming would naturally become popular. To make a technology like water. I have tried my best to make organic farming simpler and easier. As a result of these decades of hard work, today's ultra low-cost agriculture is now completed. A new agriculture that completely overcomes the technical and costly challenges of organic farming. And that is ultra low-cost agriculture of The key point of this organic farming technique is, it can aim high yield without any chemical fertilizers, pesticide and with minimal use of agricultural machinery. Here are some of the techniques. I developed for ultra low cost agriculture. This is a direct way to cultivate powerful microorganism solutions, that can recover chemically contaminated soil in short time. When cultivating microorganisms the leaf more soil are collected near the mountain. Boiled potatoes and sea salt is enough for microorganisms feed. It is simply cultivated without separate heater or air injector. It's very simple and easy technology, but the effect is excellent. Here's how to make natural fungicide that can reliably control powdery mildew and anthracite. This method can melt sulfur that melts about 120 Celsius degree into liquid sulfur without an external heating. I have invented this method for the first time in the world and published it without patenting it. So anyone can take advantage of this technology. The following is how to make the most important eco-friendly wetting agent for natural pesticide. I have invented very easy technology without heating compared to an existing complex and difficult technology. Combining some of the things that I developed can make an affordable and powerful natural pesticide that can control almost all insects and bacteria. So you may be wondering by now, that can farmers get organic certification with method? and answer is yes. natural pesticide comply with USDA's organic agriculture regulation. So you can get organic certification anywhere in the world. and natural pesticide can completely replace chemical pesticide. Farmers can easily manufacture their own inputs and reduce its cost by more than 95%. It can also be mixed with chemical pesticide. So non organic farmers can also use JADAM natural pesticide with other chemical pesticide. I also did a lot of important research and development for different diseases and pest control apart from the technology mentioned before. With these inventions I did very special work with the Hawaiian government in 2018.

I was requested to solve a problem of coffee berry borer then I provided natural pesticide solution which can completely control over CBB. For this breakthrough solution can control 99.9% of coffee berry borer. and I have put all those recipes for CBB control and many other in my book. It is translated into many languages and sold on Amazon around the world. . Please share . . We have about 40,000 members that are registered. If you visit here you can also see a testimony from farmers and also more detail about ultra low-cost agriculture. Now let me briefly talk about the history of ultra low-cost agriculture. My father had life long journey to spread organic farming before I completed ultra low-cost agriculture. He has been doing organic farming movement since 1967.

As the founder of Korean natural farming he is very well known worldwide. He made a significant contribution to the development of organic farming in the world. This is the picture taken with trainees at our old farm. The arrow on the left is my father, and the arrow in the center is me. At this time my father's slogan for organic farming movement was, "save effort big yield" I further developed this to complete an ultra-low cost agriculture. During his time he received a great medal from the government for his contribution. Also he have written several books those books are translated and published in many different languages around the world.

There are many farmers worldwide who are now following his work as their farming principles.. Even without chemical fertilizers we are harvesting more than conventional agriculture. And the quality is also very good. I'm doing all this organic farming by using natural pesticide. We have been researching and testing various natural pesticide on 60 different kinds of crops. Our powerful natural pesticide can completely replace chemical pesticide.

this technology is not limited to a climate or location. it is also effective against bacteria and pests that occur in the tropics. Our ultimate goal is for farmers to take initiative in agriculture technology. We must independent from commercial monopoly capital dominating agriculture technology. In order to achieve independency, the farmers must take the initiative in agriculture technology. We look forward to a revolutionary change in agriculture with ultra low-cost organic farming. Let's open a new paradigms of healthy and prosper agriculture.

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