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New Education system of INDIA in simple language

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Now the route learning was ended, now a new system was introduced, which is beneficial for each and everybody who is living in India . now the new system is 5+3+3+4 it means the first five year in student life is going to focus only in improving the nature and behavior of student in his life and showing some respect to elders and manners to students which are going to help in developing there minds and after that the 3 years student is going to receive the basic knowledge of each and every subject and that is going to help in knowing the subject and then after 3 years student is going get knowledge somewhat deeply understand the subject and it can help the student to choosing carrier in 9 class and it can make the student to finds there interest related to this and in this time the student can also do internship which means to do work on there field of interested and in this age the student can also able to get to know about coding so that as every body know that future is also going to be in technical field so that in future they can easily understand the technology because they are the future of India . and after that 9 class begin means +4 in this period student get to know about deeply knowledge of the subject in which he is interested and than can make the student perfect in this field and that how the India is going next stage of becoming developed country . choose whatever study he want to do it mean he can take any subject he is interested in and he can drop his collage any year and continue it later in any year he want to. and for any query or you facing difficulty in understanding contact me on in get in touch. and now in collage the student can choose whatever study he want to do

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